The Game Works

I want to brag about my wife a little bit.

My second son (age 9) got a computer game for Christmas that he just loves. The other day it stopped working and gave some ‘fatal error’ every time he tried to play it. He asked me if I could fix it without loosing any of his saved games. I fiddled with it a bit but thought the only way to fix the problem was to uninstall and re-install, so I put off doing it.

The next day my wife, who is not very computer literate, put in the CD and started looking at the files on the CD. She saw an exe file and decided to click it. Doing this caused the exe file to re-install itself. This fixed the problem and my son’s games were still saved. This is something that normally my wife would never ever even consider doing.

When my son got home from school my wife told him that she fixed the game. His eyes lit up and he said that he had prayed and prayed really hard that his game would be fixed when he got home from school.

This little computer game is not very important, and in some ways he may have been better off having a break from it. But getting an answer to a sincere prayer was important. I am grateful to a boy who believes in prayer, I’m grateful for a wife who I believe was influenced by the spirit, and I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who can help even with very small and simple things.


At 1/24/2006, Blogger Ian said...

God works in wonderous ways.

One can only wonder how this little "miracle" might affect his life. Perhaps someday, on his mission, he will tell that story...

At 1/24/2006, Blogger Old Charley said...

"one of the reasons we don’t get more personal revelation is because if we got it we would publish it to the world. It is not public revelation, it is personal revelation. In almost all cases we should keep it to ourselves and only share it when we feel inspired to do so. I feel this inspiration is more likely to come in one-on-one private real-life conversations. Not in a public forum like this."

I'm glad you shared this inspiring personal story publicly as it adds to our greater community of faith. It is interesting how in the NT the Lord sometimes told those he healed to go and tell no one and to others he commanded them to publish all he had done. The Living Lord gives living revelation sometimes to be kept in private and sometimes to be published to the whole world. May we each seek the will of the Lord in our lives to when, where and what to say.

At 1/24/2006, Blogger Eric Nielson said...

Thank you for your comments.


My comments on the other post that you copied here had more to do with doctrinal topics. Hopefully you do not feel I am being hypocritical.

At 1/25/2006, Blogger Old Charley said...

Eric I agree with you and was only pointing out why at times we need to share our faith, miracles and experiences with others not as doctrines, but as testimonies. I have had a great wrestle with this issue in my life as many have read.


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