John and Sharon Nielson to Serve Mission

I just got word of this today, and I am leaving on vacation today as well. I have no time and will probably not see comments for a week. But I wanted to get this out now.

My parents put in mission papers a couple of weeks ago, and received their call to the Kenya, Nairobi, East Africa Mission. I do not know any other details than that. There experience in the peace corps and knowledge of Swahili may have been a factor in the call. Who knows?

Congratulations Mom and Dad!!!!


At 8/19/2006, Blogger Bradley said...

What a thrill. I hope you'll post periodically about their activities. There is so much untapped potential on that continent; I can't wait to hear more.

At 8/28/2006, Blogger Eric Nielson said...

Thanks Bradley.

I will post updates as I get them.


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