I Want a New Blog (Huey Lewis Parody)

He he he.

I may be dating myself a bit here. There was a popular band in the 80s called Huey Lewis and the News. One of their songs was 'I Want a New Drug'. This song was going through my head the other day and I substituted drug for blog (I need to get a life). I wondered what the other lyrics might be like if changed a bit to address LDS blogs. As it turns out about half the lyrics I left as original - they seemed to apply quite well. They turn out to be a anti extremist approach. What do you think of the hypothetical blog that is described here? Does an LDS blog like this exist? Any recommendations? Hopefully Small and Simple and Blogger of Jared match this somewhat. What do you think?

I want a new blog - one that won't make me sick,
One that won't make me question my testimony,
Or make me feel dense and thick.
I want a new blog - one that won't hurt my spirit,
One that won't make me bored to death,
Or make me want to spit.

One that will make me righteous,
Knowing what to do.
One that makes me feel like I feel when I'm with you,
When I blog with you.

I want a new blog - one that can spell,
One that doesn't just waste my time,
Or condemn me to Hell.
I want a new blog - one that won't go away,
One that won't keep me up all night,
One that won't make me sleep all day.

One that will make me righteous,
Knowing what to do.
One that makes me feel like I feel when I'm with you,
When I blog with you.

I want a new blog - one that says what it should,
One that won't make me feel to bad,
One that won't make me feel to good.
I want a new blog - one with no doubt,

One that will make me righteous,
Knowing what to do.
One that makes me feel like I feel when I'm with you,
When I blog with you.

He he he.

Hope you enjoyed that.


At 8/01/2006, Blogger Dave said...

I dunno Eric -- I think you're walking on a thin line here.

At 8/01/2006, Blogger Eric Nielson said...

I don't know what to make of your comment Dave. This post was meant to be mildly amusing.

I guess I may be expecting to much perhaps, wanting it all.

Is walking a thin line like being on a straight and narrow path?

Are you suggesting that I ought to seek out a wider range of blogs, that I don't necessarily agree with?

At 8/01/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Walking on a Thin Line," also off of the Sports album by Huey Lewis and the News (and also a great song).


Nice lyrics, btw.


At 8/01/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, my bad (as I see you're quoting other titles); I just didn't read terribly carefully.

You're funnier than I am.


At 8/01/2006, Blogger Eric Nielson said...

OH! I think you're right samdb, and I missed it.

Sorry dave, I'm really not a huge Huey Lewis fan.

At 8/01/2006, Blogger Dave said...

No problem, Eric. Maybe you just need a new drug.

At 8/01/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, what blogs:

- make you sick
- make you question your testimony
- make you feel dense and thick
- hurt your spirit
- make you bored to death
- make you want to spit
- waste your time
- condemn you to Hell
- contain no doubt?

I'd like you to establish yourself a little here. You're joking around, but you're making jabs at a fairly small community. Just say what you really mean, besides to brag about your own blogging ventures. Be specific. Which blogs do these things to you? Why the disgust and revulsion, and what are the worst targets, in your opinion?

Note that I'm anonymous here, because I'd prefer not to be identified. Hypocritical of me to ask you to speak specifically? Perhaps. Maybe if you want a new blog, you should start off yourself by not making vague and snarky jokes about the rest of us.

At 8/01/2006, Anonymous JKS said...

Eric, I know exactly what you mean!

At 8/01/2006, Blogger Eric Nielson said...


Wow. Really, like I said, it just sort of popped into my mind. I really did not think this out that much. I am not going to bite on giving specific blogs here. But as JKS said, I'm sure many know what I mean. But in a way I don't want anyone to think that I am making a strong statement here.

I might list my own blog as an example. Some may not like my blog very much. There may be a few reasons, if I had to guess those that don't like my blog:

-Think it is boring and predictable.

- Lacks substance and thoroughness.

- Is blindly 'faithful'.

I think many of us view blogs as being to this, or to that. I really can't quite express how light-hearted my attitude was when I did this. This is more a search for the perfect blog - which we all fall short of.

If you don't think the shoe fits, then don't wear it. And to restate I am simply not going to call anyone out specifically as a blog I don't like. In a way, I am wanting to know what to do with my little blog. I am quite introspective if you follow me much. If I point fingers it is usually at myself.

There are a lot of popular LDS blogs out there. They are well liked for a reason. This little thing is not all that popular - it seems, and there are reasons for that as well.

At 8/01/2006, Blogger Eric Nielson said...

Also, anonymous2:


I guess I fail to see where I was bragging. What in the world would I have to brag about?

My guess is that you probably don't know or follow me very much. I have thought several times about quitting blogging. Not because I don't like the bloggernacle overall, but because I often feel irrelevant within it. People that do know me a little would probably describe me as being self effacing rather than a bragger.

I like the bloggernacle overall. If I didn't I wouldn't participate as much as I do. Taking things to seriously is sometimes a problem on the 'nacle as well. Hopefully people don't take this to seriously. It certainly was not meant to be.


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